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Endless exploration of a living, breathing exoplanet

Voyage across a persistent, Earth-like planet to harvest resources, collaborate with other players, and conquer new lands.

This vast exoplanet is abundant with all forms of biomes, filled with various habitats, seasons, unpredictable weather, and ecology.


Manage your seedlings and forge relationships

Develop and define the hierarchy of needs across multiple characters to ensure the growth, and more importantly, the survival of your colony.

Handle essential human demands and emotional states – hunger, thirst, fatigue – by forming routines that can be carried out to ensure the longevity of your colony. These routines are carried out even when you're offline.

When multiple characters start interacting with each other, complex behavioral patterns will emerge – birth, death, marriage, divorce, love, hate.


With Purpose. With Consequence

Players will be able to construct comprehensive colonies that feel alive, with every entity having a purpose or role.

Every move, thought, or decision made by a player will have a knock-on effect and impact a colonization and overall structure of the planet, no matter how small.


SETTLING Through Collaboration

Collaboration is the strongest asset for a settlement. As the community's population grows, resources, research, and construction will increase, which can permanently impact the economy of the planet.

Players can freely construct and build structures to benefit themselves and their settlement. This freedom can unleash the player's sense of creativity and desire for recognition and power.

Through collaboration comes security. Players can contribute to the defense of a settlement, which builds dependency and forms a “power in numbers” mentality.


A vast, player-driven economy

From furniture to factories, all products, commodities, and structures are manufactured by the players, making the economy of the planet truly player-driven.


Seedlings can construct and own factories that manufacture various products or resources, which will also need to be sustained by other members of a colony. This creates employment and propels the boom of the society.


All player-produced goods can be sold or purchased on the competitive global market, allowing players to procure, as well as sell, at the best possible price.


The Fight for Survival

In a world scarce of resources, conflict is inevitable. But, not all Seedlings are prepared for war.

Through proper management, Seedlings can be trained for combat situations and defensive maneuvers. Weapons can be researched and crafted, from melee weapons to traps and ranged weapons. Military wings can then be formed to protect a colony from outside threats, be it human or beast.

Players can freely control whether to organize offensive missions to raid other colonies, or join impromptu skirmishes and build allies with friends.



Seed is utilizing SpatialOS, a platform that can realize vast, complex virtual worlds on a network of continuously running servers.