Community Questions #1 – October 2017


A few months ago, we reached out to the Seed Community to ask us anything about the project...and you didn't disappoint! We've finally sifted through all the questions sent in and answered a few of our favorites.

Klang's Chief Creative Officer, Ívar Emilsson, has once again done the honors of filling us in...

Leonard Michelet:If a character was to break a law, how would they be punished? And, is there some group or organization enforcing these laws?”

Ívar: “There aren't any universal laws set out in Seed. Players will be able to create their own laws for their colonies, and can choose whether the AI will enforce these laws or not. Crimes could be punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or even exile, but it's up to the players to set up the punishment.”

Skykill95220: Do you plan on adding a crafting system to create buildings?”

“Yes! We have already started developing the basics for a house-building system. Right now, you can build very rudimentary structures with box frames that can have doors and windows. But, this is evolving. You can even add items of furniture, which can be either decorative or vital to fulfilling the needs of your characters.”

William Piemontois: When a player is offline, will their characters still be active? And, if so, what happens if they do something that's unwanted by the player?”

“One of the unique features of Seed is that it takes place in a persistent world, so characters constantly remain active. Players can set the schedules of their characters and can decide what they work on, where they go, etc. But, characters do have their own unique dispositions, so, in theory, anything could happen, like mental breakdowns. If that's the case, the player will be notified that one of their characters is going through something undesirable.”

Mikhail Favorov: "How do contracts work? Do they exist as a gameplay mechanic? Do they exist at all (they seem kind of fundamental to a game involving politics)? Can they be broken?”

“Right now, we haven't implemented contracts as of yet. But, the idea is that they will exist as a gameplay mechanic.

Players will be able to set up contracts between each other, such as employment contracts, courier contracts, and even contracts or treaties for peace among colonies.

With employment contracts, players will be able to control the characters of others up to an extent, within a certain timeframe, say, when active at a job. For example, if your character is working for my character, I can give them tasks for them to fulfill."

Jenny Gottstein: Will there be natural disasters?”

"Yes, definitely! As the game is set on an exoplanet, characters will have to defend themselves from various elements and environmental hazards."

By popular request: Will Seed be available on Linux?”

"I believe so. We're building the game in Unity, so there's no reason at the moment to exclude Linux."

Is there anything you want to ask us? Anything that piques your interest in Seed? Let us know in the comments below or drop me an email and your questions may be answered in the next edition of Community Questions!

- Dev Jonathan