Community Questions #2 – December 2017


It's time for the second edition of Community Questions, sourced straight from the Seed Community. As with the previous edition, you asked us whatever you wanted and we responded to a few of our favorites.

Ívar, Klang's Chief Creative Officer, has been chosen to answer, so read below to find out his insightful responses...

Envy: “Will we be able to communicate with players via voice chat and text chat?”

Ívar: "Yes, both voice and text chat. Players will also be able to chat via the mobile companion app. Communication in Seed is really important, definitely not cutting any corners there."

Greg Palazzolo: “Will we have full control over our people RTS style or will it be closer to Rimworld / Dwarf Fortress style?”

Í: "Somewhere in the middle. While Seedlings (characters) are largely driven by AI, players will still be able to give them direct commands. However, the Seedlings may choose to ignore a command, if they have a strong urge to do something else."

Greg Palazzolo: “How will the combat be? Will the units have actual combat animations or will it be a combat log style?”

Í: "Combat will definitely be animated. Our goal has always been to keep the art simple, but have a lot of animation fidelity. Combat in Seed is AI driven, but still requires tactical decision making and strategic planning from the player's part. The Seedlings have combat AI that evolves as their skill increases; aiming speed, accuracy, reload speed, cover effectiveness, cover/reload/range decision making, etc."

Greg Palazzolo: “How far will the tech progress if you know at this time?”

Í: "The idea is that the tech level is fairly high from the get-go. Seedlings arrive in a high tech pod, with high tech equipment and a large database of blueprints to build a modern colony.

Players can also construct research facilities and man these buildings with Seedlings in order to discover and develop new blueprints."

Nathan Achi Acho: (Translated from French) “Will this game be free or paid? If paying, what could be the approximate price?”

Í: "We don't really have a payment model set in stone. We know simulation at this scale is not cheap, we imagine we’ll somehow tie the price with the actual cost of simulating your Seedlings life."

Is there anything you want to ask us? Anything that piques your interest in Seed? Let us know in the comments below or drop me an email and your questions may be answered in the next edition of Community Questions!