Is Seed a remake of the 2006 MMO, SEED?

We've noticed online, especially via MMORPG, that there's some speculation to whether our project is a remake of, or related to, Runestone Game Development's 2006 MMO SEED. With this post, we wanted to clear up any confusion that may be circulating about this topic.

In a nutshell, other than the name, there's actually no connection to the 2006 game. To be honest, we weren't aware of the 2006 SEED until we read theories online regarding the possible connection between the projects.

Our project is separate in many ways, for example, combat will be an integral part of the game. Although, it's understandable that this connection was made as there are many similarities, such as human colonization, character interaction, and politics.  

Seed, as a name, is the perfect description of what this project is all about, and what we're trying to achieve – planting new life, new ideas, and growing communities.  

At this point, we'd like to say we have the utmost respect for Runestone Game Development, and for the studio pushing the MMO genre forward over a decade ago.

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- The Klang Team