Community Questions #4 - April 2018


For the fourth edition of Community Questions, we looked at the questions put forth by the community over on the Seed Discord server. Read below to find out more...

Connor: “Will this be playable in single player?”

Answer: “There won’t be a specific single-player-focused mode or anything like that, but it’s totally up to you how you play. However, through collaboration comes not only the pleasure of working with others toward shared goals, but also the benefits of being able to accomplish more over a greater period of gameplay.”

Matthew: “I am curious what you guys have in vision for the soundtrack and audio. At what stage in development do you envision that coming into play, or has it already?”

Answer: “We are currently working with musicians and have an in-house sound designer, all of whom are extremely talented and exciting. We will be welcoming feedback down the line when we start to open up the game. This is an area we’re super excited about!”

Rirschach: “What about wildlife? I have seen pretty nice flora but no animals/creatures in there. Dunno if its intended or just because of the exoplanet conditions.”

Answer: “The world of Seed is fully realised with its own bio-diversity and evolutionary quirks. This is being developed with careful consideration of mitigating factors. There will indeed be animals and creatures, right now we’re working on game design elements relating to them and the natural world.”   

Rirschach: “Reading the Dev blog you mentioned ‘The idea is that the tech level is fairly high from the get-go [...] high tech equipment and a large database of blueprints to build a modern colony.’ Can you be more precise in here? In other question you said that it will be able to use boats, train and planes, what about, for instance, create new means of transport? Or building autonomous robots?”

Answer: “Yes indeed, this is a beautiful vision you have here, and yes who knows where the technology will go! At this stage, it is hard to be much more specific due to the constant work we’re doing with regard to game design. There will be tech levels, and through gameplay, your Seedlings can educate and carry out research so that more advanced levels of technology can be reached. We’re working on some very exciting lines of thought - looking forward to sharing them with you soon!”

Rirschach: “Within the previous point, I was thinking about how far we could customize our characters. I know Mundi Vondi would have some cool ideas on it... (a fan of his fashion design)”

Answer: “For sure! The look and feel of your Seedlings will be an important part of a player’s relationship with them. We’re really looking forward to seeing how players customise their Seedlings and the breadth and range will be no doubt wide-ranging!”

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