Community Questions #3 – February 2018


After a small delay, it's time for the third edition of Community Questions. Albeit a slightly shorter edition than normal, Ívar, Klang's Chief Creative Officer, goes over Seed's global market, trading, and the project's simulation.

Read below to find out his interesting responses...

Colin: "How far(sophisticated) do you plan to push the simulation?"

Ívar: "Well this is certainly a very big question but is also a very important one. Right now, we’re focusing on creating tools that will allow us to create very sophisticated behaviors. It’s a balancing act really. The simulation should be relatable, believable, fun to observe and to interact with. The goal is to have believable cities, full of believable characters driven by their needs and desires. But all in all, we’ll continue to iterate on the simulation, probably forever."

Cave Johnson: "How exactly will the 'competitive global market' work? Will there be one market that anyone can access from anywhere? Would there be multiple marketplaces in different areas possibly creating a system in which PCs could create caravans, buying wares from one marketplace and selling at another for a profit?"

Í: "We're still designing the market, but our goal is to make it completely player-driven, connecting players across the entire planet. We're currently working with a group of economists to better understand the implications of various market designs and tools we can provide the players. The market will most likely be driven by sell and buy orders, with players needing to build infrastructure to better connect to the global market."

Cave Johnson: "Theoretically, if you wanted to create a totalitarian government that used military threat to keep your citizens from trading with other countries would that be a possibility?"

Í: "The tools we want to provide players should enable these options. Though mind you, it's doubtful that a colony under such control will last very long... but who knows. Ultimately, it’ll be up to the players. Likely, you could also impose ridiculously high import and export taxes."

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